Why Practice Yoga Outdoors?

Everything's better when practicing yoga in the GREAT outdoors!
They don't call it the "okay outdoors" for a reason.

Practicing yoga outdoors is literally a breath of fresh air. Our senses are heightened—the smell of grass, the sound of moving water or rustling leaves, the sun on your face, the wind on your skin. These sensations greatly improve the yoga experience. Plus, the natural floor can intensify poses by encouraging us to use different muscles to stabilize, adding a fun balance challenge. 

In keeping with the theme of the outdoors, The Everyday Weekend has adopted an "evergreen" approach to yoga so our classes remain perennially fresh, interesting, and FUN!

In a studio or home yoga practice, we have much more control over the surroundings. We can change the temperature of the room or close the door to dull external sounds. But this sterile setting can be difficult to recreate in our everyday lives, making an indoor yoga practice pretty one-dimensional.

An outdoor yoga practice oxygenates the body and helps us feel more aligned with the natural rhythm of the world, like the ebb and flow of the tides, the rising and setting sun and moon, and the changing seasons. When we fall out of sync with nature, we drift out of balance. This is increasingly common in the busy, digital age in which we live. By spending quality time outdoors, we can reconnect with naturally-occurring patterns and tune into our own rhythm so life flows more easily.

When we practice outside in a shared public space, we are forced to embrace the elements around us, which is really what yoga is all about. Accepting things as they are and not how we wish they were. It's a reminder that things aren't perfect—and that they don't have to be either.

Nature is perfect in its imperfection. Just like the human experience.


What to Bring When
Practicing Yoga Outdoors?

All seasons: A positive attitude, water, and proper footwear

Spring, Winter, Fall: Something warm for your hands, feet, and ears (Consider dressing in layers!

Summer:  Sunscreen, sunglasses, and insect repellent